Pesta Blogger 2009

Here’s some review from Pesta Blogger 2009,  so my debt is settled ( cos i feel i have debt to my blog for posting this ^^,v)

pesta blogger

One of the seminar that i interested, abot Bridging the Gap , this is the reason why i used the English language.. so common people will also know about our culture , what happend in here..  so we can bridging the gap 🙂

Bridging the gaps

Me and Mr Brown

Me and the speakers , Mr Brown , he gave me a new perception.. few word i remember , when i asked what is ur vision and mission of life ? he said nothing , just live ur live day by day, each by each , do what u like step by step..  even a little.. this is one of the reason the reason why i start to updated my blog and just let it flow…

And this is what he said about Pesta Blogger 2009 :

“And what an atmosphere they have here in Jakarta! More than 1200 registered to come and bloggers travelling from all over to attend. Bloggers came from Bandung, Palembang, Bali, and Jogja. Some bloggers from Kalimantan even travelled 12 hours overland to get here. That’s how committed they are.

I love the community spirit and passion they have. We have a lot to learn from the enthusiastic way they exercise freedom of expression here too.

You can install high speed fibre optic cable in Singapore, but you can’t install the Heart they have in the Indonesian online community. ”

And also i meet  the very talented blind blogger, Ramaditya. ( Ramaditya is a game music designer, cosplayer, blogger and author of a book. He also inpire me alot, he has no limit..

me and obama

because of this picture and a little of luck , i get the gift from the US embassy Jakarta.. hehehe mayan dapet gadget yang namanya flip share bisa buat ambil video2 langsung bisa upload ke fb / youtube  ^^,v


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