20 hilarious Twitter comic strips

If the last comic strip we shared about Dilbert’s boss using Twitter wasn’t enough to keep you entertained, don’t fret!

We have prepared TWENTY hilarious Twitter comic strips that will definitely make your day a better one.

Most of them have depicted Twitter and our everyday lifestyle pretty well!

Catch them below!

1. Twitter breakup

twitter comic 1

2. I may leave twitter

twitter comic 2

3. Twitter by day and Batman by night

twitter comic 3

4. What to tweet?!

5. Fail whale got scolded
twitter comic 4
6. Using Twitter to check on your mum

twitter comic 5

7. Will she follow me?

twitter comic 6

8. Tweet and shit

twitter comic 7

9. Husband and wife tweet
twitter comic 8
10. Twitter stalker

twitter comic 9

11. Twitter as a crowdsource

twitter comic 10

12. Batman teaches Robin about Twitter

twitter comic 11

13. Read my tweets

twitter comic 12

14. Tweet review

twitter comic 13

15. Fail whale parody

twitter comic 14

16. Twitter addict

twitter comic 15

17. Real birds don’t tweet

twitter comic 16

18. Judgement day

twitter comic 17

19. I hate followers!

twitter comic 18

20. Twitter Routine

twitter comic 19

Image via: 1websurfer, hoado, geek and poke, stickycomic, paulbaker, pink-sheep


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