The 2nd Thousand island Trip : 8-10 Sept 2010

Once saturated with office activities, I finally got the chance to visited the island a thousand for the second time, after getting a day off from work on leave continued with Lebaran, this time taking part are: my sisters Nita, Andre and his friend, and college friend Tia (who also participate in the trip before) Lys Tia, totally there are 14 people.

We plan to only two days but eventually become 3 days 2 nights:)

We don’t use any travel tour , but we just calculated the budget from our last experience.. its just like backpackers thing..
These posts was also made for my friend Jess, who requested an explanation of a cool place to visit in jakarta

hope u enjoy it and can do ur own trip later..

Day 1 :

We Go to Muara Angke Fish Market ,

u can go by public car transport 01 u can go from Citraland / Daan Mogot , this can go straight to the fish market..

At the fish market we wait motorbike taxi boat to the Pramuka (Scout)  Island

fyi : the normal schedule is at around 7:00 AM, and 1.00 PM but bcos we went 1 day before the Eid Mubarak ( Muslim big day ) so the schedule is 5.00 AM and 9 AM also 12 AM.

cost : 30K / person one trip to P Pramuka

35K /person one trip to P Tidung

I just knew the normal schedule before my Friend Tia tellin me , so when we went there @ 6.30 AM , the boat already gone , and we must wait “for a while there” :D… @ around 9 AM we’re depart…

Pasar Ikan Muara Angke

Andre ‘s Friend (left: Mendi,Icha,Indah,Andre,Yudi,Steffi,Willy,Surya,Aries and Revin ..and  i’m feel so young besides them :p , i’m young definately!! ^^,

@ Ojek Kapal

Landed in P. Pramuka for the 1st time

Walking to our inn

walked toward the inn which is home residents..

arrived @ Semak Daun its sounds like ” Smackdown” Island

Usually, this island  used to practice snorkeling

Semak Daun

after this we went to “Soft Coral” Area , It have a lot of good coral and marine fish.

in Soft Coral Area

Soft Coral

the fish

eating @ boat

The Next Destination is P.Air if u have enough time , but unfortunately we dont have much time so we went to Keramba, which is a fish farm and a restaurant there.

in front of the restaurant

Day 2

Snorkling (again)

the same route but different time

on our way to P. Air

P. Air


We also went again to Semak Daun and Soft Coral , but u can also go to P. Tidung , P. Kotak , etc

Day 3 – Around the island and then went Home

What’s good in Pramuka Island :

Turtle conservation


Mangrove forest

Cost Summary :

motorbike taxi boat “Ojek kapal” Angke-Pramuka 30K , total PP 60K

Rent Boat for Snorkling  350K , max approx. 15 person

Guide person for Snorkling  : 150K

Rent  snorkling equipment : 35K

Rent home resident 2 rooms 400-600 K,  if u’re lucky u can get  more cheap.

Dinner package 250K/14 person

the food quite expensive there , so u must smart enough to control ur budget

if u’re lucky u can buy fish straight from local fisherman there..

For u who never been there u can the local guide there and they will set up the whole thing for u in one package , but  with the extra cost :

2 day 1 night—>  +- 350K

Bp. Satibi : 081807387043

just bargain the price to him..

i used him to booked the home stay and snorkling , boat  there.. cos it’s in the Muslim big day , so we afraid of not being able to get place.

If u go there in ordinary day , u can booked by your own…

Ok have a nice trip guys.. dont  forget to inviting me!!

u can ask me anything  bout the island trip , i am willing to help u..

see u in another story..

and if u have different traveling place to visit , u can tell me so we can share our experience..

Thank You!!


Thanks to

Credits :


Ignasius Andre

Gabriella Indah

Budgeting and collecting the cost 😀

really thanks to u Tia :p

Tia Tyo

And all u guys..


Lys Tia









Local Guide



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